Monday, March 12, 2007


you treat me like cum that stains your sheets.
an irritant rash that you can't scratch.
am i so beneath your contempt?
a vagrant emotion in your heart?
you treat me like shit upon your shoe.
and leave me smeared upon some floor.
am i so disposable to you?

love is just an ice cream cone
that melts when it sees the sun,
so sit and watch those colours run
vanilla pale and strawberry shock,
kaleidoscopic sands that bleed.
sugar turned to rust.
smoke but an ashtray memory.

when heaven bends a brand new sky
i think of then though christ knows why
maybe you will too?
will you think of me at all?

will you think of us at all?


Blogger emily previn said...

nonsensical annoyment, part 2:

I translated your poem and some interesting formations appeared, a selection of which I offer to you free of charge as a set of instructions you may (not) put into practice on your new site

1- determine that the leaves are unclean

2- you do not wish to remain there

3- As far as I am concerned, you do not want to stay

4- sense the right to enter the heart

5- I was at a low level

6- excretory of them in the face

7- This allows sugar from older brother and vice versa

8- Around this time, when he knew or thought of a new heaven, but heaven?

9- Looking at the place and the sun, i love that it changes in the sand

10- the modus operandi of Christ

[transmissions from the mind of God the Father / googled meisterwerke]


7:26 pm  
Blogger richard eichmann said...

Wow, this is terrific stuff

7:37 pm  
Blogger Cocaine Jesus said...

emily>>>thank you. interesting indeed the combinations that your device creates.
i especially like number 8.

8:12 pm  
Blogger Cocaine Jesus said...


8:13 pm  

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