Tuesday, November 17, 2009

is this the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning?

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Friday, April 13, 2007


some new verities

from the frenzied Therefore, the figures in vain
imagine their own image, her voice joy if he is not me
will be in control of their pain
the smell of blades, mental disorder, she thinks is a waste
in fact, you want to try; I was lucky to imagine that kind of life.
in 1894 to contemplate its last glory, the concern of his madness

the curtain for the treatment of Enkonstanti (bitter supplements)
is an absolutely correct frenetic caution, it is better than nothing!
In the dream, I was surprised
He feared for my heart,
if there was anything else it is very likely that I did not allow you and I am not saying that, in fact, to attempt to trigger posteriora being attached with honors

the thing which is stimulated ¬ it administers justice

Dream road taste, perfume, lamina mental defect, so imagine my reputation

diagram antic 666.1

Thursday, April 12, 2007

crippled by the internet
dependent on television
the armed forces of mediocrity are marching

triple translation


vomiting one's skin
heavy skin of blood

noise of the space vision in complete darkness

the fear center
a new voice

this is not polio muscular body lying outside in the dark voice in the dark depression breath fear death , but internal space for the purpose of fair muscles
it is found

a delirium has been formed to make the heart beat

heart stopped beating, you know, you know


death is the reason, that is, to maintain the power

the back of the snake - small black stones

they also have to come to you

the wolf's warning buried

me after the fall of power


ammunition stores other things

the fire continued

the eyes apparently omitted a day from now

an insult to many of you

spiral step of the triton horn

a person singing angrily

I do not breathe

words from PREVIN image from WOLF (watercolor acrylic pencil and ink on paper)


handprint on your mirror

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

She had Californian teeth and a pointy little bra,

Her father was a dwarf who drove a big, fat car

words Cocaine Jesus, art Richard Eichmann

the_monks (detail)


a warm cup of blood

Anyone with a small sharp teeth
reggiseno California,
lost father hydrate dropped from blankets to the neck,
in her mother's arms, pets, clothing, and zirconium.
delicate line.
They are wrong political exiles
political center navigation
legs inconvenience
Sports are enthusiastic understanding.
lucertole Shengjie toadsta lls day Sunday from where
spold rivers, alfalfa, Lycra
cover all from the earth like a bath.
juice, hot glass heart.
But if you play, but no one from Hong Kong,
the distance between notes,
the methodology of a series of strange and the opposite side
is remembered prokajennym grandfather
For all of this appearance godawfulm acdoogs day
hit the city.

original words Cocaine Jesus

a comedy of faces

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

harley sun set and missile

fifteen men
dressed like Bedouin knights
riding harleys
in the saudi dunes
fifteen men
of the negro persuassion
hunched up
gritty like sand
pumped up pork bellies
beer swilling
indolent marine
macky d cuisine
belches like brimstone
{counting the stars and the dawn light cracking egg yolk sad over dune breast and buttock}
fart face spoke to
arse crack in muted tones
grunts and nods
tones of expletives
a friday night
in hells kitchen new york
noo yawk
neu yark

so good they shouldn't.
listen to the missing beat
that harley heart
throbbing penis
america personified
in metal and throaty
coughs and indulgence
muscle and mouth
like a missile to Baghdad.
like the new wave of war
cold and remote
bloodless and hygienic
sanitized for television.

Sunday, April 08, 2007


Barrett's automatic feelings

In order to output far to the jar you feel far it feels in me, also, OH!
thin desire from contract the thing in compliance with a water I love on
rear of the bridge in the left with B side it…
It bejammern you of the mass which is to it side…Because of selfishness, it seeks Notturnos
undergarment me and it opposition temporary force goes out
In order to enter toward an astonishment
the eye undergarment the silver it put aside the law
and is distant is to the near valley it grew
the bell of the angel
the clay or the timbre of the daughter…
You feel in me…

plastic flowers in a vase


Friday, April 06, 2007


from dr.seward's diary, 29 october

the sunset expires after all…it is fortunate that this is happening at a time when it is available…note happens, if we receive necessity silence and separation in us…is lower than self-evaluation…additional which concerns Xu book measured value the high demand, which is in the energy, feels you and expire it depend…in my imagination it is a beginning…it is not limited to the same thing by the unconscious fundamental truth, but…if this condition continues, the locking return is confusing…if I am not power of the thought authority being happy at times a little, you think of that I die…but as for me the fact that perhaps this is not fact, is feared…txt

al dente. with sirens

i/i saidd [http]...

disanalogy disanalogy disamenity apron-strung
friggd around glancing blows
a cow for christmas, or a lung
butt's too orangey fork rows

axe. axiom [http] ... p p

axioma medium
[your fuken mother]

Crystal bird T (revisited)

Thursday, April 05, 2007

time to leave

despair in silent rooms filled with people talking

for thomas moronic

this is not it
this is not it
this is plasma screen bleeding

double caste percepting

such a town of thorns [for dog eat dog eat dog, sic, sic]. she's harpy. he's harpy. we're all harpy. harpy marx. harpy marx e smith. the man whose head disbanded.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

extracts from the panopticon vers. X.0

[2 surrounding maritime Topic 2]
"The acquisition of territory by subsistence level
organs ventilation light of the latest forms
under the feet of the Center on the aircraft
Central observer living.
within the limits of 124 or more cells
still ready to work with any partner
Verjeter message
this time even outside.
these homes are not likely Economic Sciences
P cell eyes of the very high potential criminals.
vertical cross-fourth of the cell Qatar circles
a slave, a respirator; complete constitution of the teeth
878 should be surprised, because Blinden division
Zhu Guang / write
It should be sufficient to adjust the test
for the most part we Box, So it is not. or a lot of freedom.
Inspector documents
still willing to work with any partner
[] each other in order to rescue prisoners of each client



Tuesday, April 03, 2007


nine things i am tired of:
1- running metaphors for miles and not being able to stop when they’re way past exhaustion
2- being asked to come clean when really how fucking overrated is cleanliness
3- turning moments into gems that no metal could possibly fit and thinking, fuck it, i dont have to cast that one (and ending up casting none)
4- feeling myself from a distance while pretending to fuck, and wondering if feeling oneself not feeling is actually a feeling
5- the taste of vomit choking me on the seventh of each month
6- walking past your name at least once a day and wanting so bad to tear the pannel off the wall but knowing i’ll never do it and i’ll keep walking past your name at least once a day and wanting so bad to tear the pannel off the wall but...
7- laughing at things that are so not funny
8- other men wearing your perfume and the heatwaves that take over me when the smell hits me and the hatred that surges through my hands when i see who they are, or rather who they’re not, and the wish i could kill them for daring mimicking your scent
9- having to answer “where are you from?” and either failing to come up with a witty answer, or coming up with one and seeing it lost on the asker

one thing i am not tired of:
- your smile (how original is that, eh? )


scum in two parts

  • brain tuck
    mind fuck
  • broken words
    broken luck
    sperm stain
    tapax waste
    fork tongue
    two faced
    big words
    small brain
    mega money
    little gain
    empty heart
    empty soul
    hollow man
    shallow goal
    liars mouth
    cheaters lip
    cheap shot
    cheap trick
    snake eye
    worm coil
  • lizard lisp
  • arse boil.
words by cocaine jesus

Monday, April 02, 2007

"I don't care what you read, or where you read it,

but religion is not 'the opiate of the masses'"
he said, before letting a communion wafer
dissolve on my tongue like a Xanax.

I heard some junkies say a prayer
right before they shoot up.

"Jesus" is the first thing
I say before I come.

"The Lord giveth and
the Lord taketh away",
but when you're an atheist
he just does it out of spite

trans-am phoenix (cut)

for Annie Christian

this is not Britain in the form of

Khmer Institute of Democracy

"I love --"

lasting modifications

men weakening of this pressure, to the battle

moral exempt

a refueling

, fast, and the status of women in general (for the contrary,

fight to wish

, I think that it is time, after our whole history

after all, I would like to start

, the desire to fight

fundamental and long-term amendments

[sour in the BRITISH acre]





images by Little Shiva - altered by junior
words by emily previn & cocaine jesus

aconitum napellus

burn, feeling of skin being roasted
pins and needles, limbs get all numb
mouth getting numb too, senseless
anguish, space looming over, constricting the mind, fear, with no object
sight disorders, dilatation of pupil
weakness then loss of hearing and sight
now, fear, with object
the darkness is full and heavy and it still has a sound, inside
breathing weakening, irregular
the darkness is inside, the muscles are outside
space is no longer relevant
the world is the body
paralysis of muscles
no boundaries, the fear is the body is death is the darkness is the sound, inside, outside
loss of consciousness, a new consciousness within the delirium
no longer physical
time is moving in the shape of the heartbeat
space has disappeared
the sound of blood thumping is overwhelming
irregular heart rate
slowing down, heavy, heavy, the sound of its slowness

knowing its the end
the heart stops in diastole
knowing its the end

the beheadables 3/3

it takes only a moth landing, the touch of an insect’s antenna, the breath of a feather, the stroke of one hair on the right place, at the right time. pleasure is an exact science, but no one knows it yet.

tomorrow in gym class they’re going to the swimming-pool. the teacher will gently ask to have a word with him at the end of the session and he will smirk and go, no, its not what you think, while all his friends eye one another question marks in irises.

images M-A-R-I-A words W-O-L-F

caustic love in tuesday shoes

Saturday, March 31, 2007

blood is love

section of Rabat from the windows of this room

your choice of the dark nucleus of the snow fuel found stick of orange ice, and fur stick of silver

transfer is 10th

cold like the uterine development of this type of wood

the world tomorrow

, not a goal

then departed nuclear darkness, no - self-indulgent nuclear nil

is vast from the hand of the deplete baby

out the line of vision which falls into embarrassing situation.

Hotel in Poland.

dead body formality

permissive in the dark

smile of the night slaves

there is no E-F voice
, which absorbs the fact that you went away.


for Sylvia P.


homo sapiens sapiens no longer erectus

how far can you shoot
how fast can you run
how high can you climb
how loud can you scream
how hard can you hit
how long can you stand
how tough can you keep
how sharp can you see
how true can you be

how red can you sing
how black can you write



? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

in your permanent site.
I tease my choice.
In your crime scene.
Needles. ears; They exhibit the timing.
They ignite your people slowly, smooth excrement?
voice, and Bishop spiral of tolerance.
I do not drink to the thirsty crystal mirror.
If women have no hope

alien in a strange world where words are bent to pain

Friday, March 30, 2007

The Beauty of Menstruation

weeping giants 2 (sleep)

there is a black viper behind the stone. upturn it, let her coil inside your palms, let her draw the words of truth and reveal.
the fire is now reaching our sense of touch.
the fire is now proudly hissing, warning three women whose hands are buried in the entrails of a raven, a horse and a wolf.
now that you have read the words that spell out the end, open your eyes, and let me dive in them, for death will soon fall and i have to hold its reins.

(from a picture of the sculpture SLEEP by einar jonsson, reykjavik, and a sunset over SNÆFELLSJÖKULL, northeast iceland)

irish rose

remove the thorn
the flower bleeds
lipstick traces on chalk
listen with mirrors
and listen with tongues
the ash falls
glass on vaseline
elegant fingers of smoke
mystify the mundane
corner the boy in fields
velvet cotton musk and violet

original image porcelain skull. image manipulation and words cocaine jesus

is our madness reasonable or are we reasonably mad?

wuthering heights, chapter 23, paragraph 1 (illustrated grin sports)


In fact, this border resentment, verifiable ways and means
verify the absence of the person into the farm

rain semi-frozen half foggy mist.


how I adhere to the principle of self-reliance

30 half spray evidence led Ogawa cross roads/Ogawa 3030 forum kick you
[flow from the hills]

At this point, fifth night halfway, I flow with the tone from the hills

man set foot on the contract. Any of the Red Cross

Indeed, the limits of hatred, and perhaps many minutes with the images

humor is the proper use of those annoying disturbing things [better]
because no progress is the same assertiveness.

Ogawa Red [fourth] Bo Bo map

extracts from:
emily "brönte" previn - a letter to K.B.

i,m [sic]

calibrating, she walks
hulk will smash on t shirt
audits sickbeds at work

a grey wedding later
and as street scene
cobbles her gallows on the moon

and if heidegger gets the girl
and if ponygirl can twirl
then it has to be black
with wheels off the track

[i once said 'why do we wait when we've a heart for the sky?'

i once presaged this with '...agoraphobic twins
confused for our sins
safe-playing big-saying
with just words
nothing begins...']

it got me

we wanted avant garde but got courier

this is in 9/8, with a section in 7/8, and a section in 5/4

elegiac, orbitesque. all you can eat

we cannot cope with life so they give us television

Thursday, March 29, 2007

weeping giants 1 (fate)

you remember, now, past the visions deleted by the day, how it all used to be, and what we thought we’d become.
castoffs with more science than they’ll ever know how to use, dream and make up as they go along.
the smartest store up ammunitions made of pure platinum, the others believe steel will be of any use. one man with a heart of the realest anger sings of fire every night on the equator, and because there all nights last the same time, his words become truly cyclic and spiral up to us.
look at all the others, dancing in the streets with blindfolds on.
or dont look, just try and breathe.
what’s coming is coming, so now, comrade, just try and breathe.

(from a picture of the sculpture FATE by einar jonsson, reykjavik, and a sunset over SNÆFELLSJÖKULL, northeast iceland)

Reading Between the Lines

(I dedicate this to anyone who's had the same thing happen to them)


Masters died

we can see that the ideological struggle _______________

so, the question was repeated

[optional monkey with us]

... bits logic suffering. a small child when shaken from polyethylene bags

bloc specifications and increase infrastructure.

(strange American mothers creative defensive signal sent right. the blast.)

the outcome of each volcanic Vijls

amateur nature of the particles

Projects. Analysis. Nausea.

brain intuition and the arts through various means and methods

words by cocaine jesus & E.P.


image from emily previn. manipulation by cocaine jesus