Wednesday, March 21, 2007

"The One-Step Programme" (sort under Self-Help)

"Do you know that you talk too much?"
"Really? You really think so? Because you know I was just try-"
"You see! You're doing it again for Christ's sake!"
"And don't apologise all the fucking time! Jesus, you're so fucking pathetic. You know that? God"
"Yeah, I know. But I.." sigh, "I know. I know. It's's just hard sometimes, you know? I don't know.."
"You know what you're problem is? I think you think too much. You have too much going on in that head of yours and so you feel this, um, voice every little thought that comes into it. And that's dangerous. Noone likes that."
Another sigh "Well, how do I fix that?"
"Oh that's easy!"
"Just pick that thing up. No, yeah that. Okay right, now put it in your mouth"
"Liggh hthimms?"
"Just like that yeah. Now just pull the-"


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wicked in all senses

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