Friday, February 16, 2007


Anonymous Anonymous said...

this gives me a very uncomfortable feeling indeed.
childhood fears of the bogeyman and there he is rotting in your picture.

cocaine jesus

11:20 am  
Blogger Jase said...

so yesterday i took the time to take a proper look at this blog...

it occured to me that i have just been posting whatever stuff i spew out, is there a theme? I read something about it changing after a certain numbe of posts?

If anybody could bring me up to date with the philosophy of discharge it would be much appreciated.

ooh yeah...and i have a feeling theres more work similar to this piece bubbling up.


11:40 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

jase, i am writing this from work so i cannot easily email you. discharge has evolved during its existance from a pretty much provocative quote type poetry thing into its current format.
initially a punk/goth type vehicle it has moved on, although still incorporates those elements, until now we have a dark, provocative, surreal, anti-art feel to the site.
words still play apart but now it is mostly visual art.
we (me 'n stickleback) are trying to bring in more moving animation as our friends little shiva and thierry have done and also, hopefully some spoken word elemnts and, with luck, background music.
this discharge has (as of this date) some 367 posts to go before we change to the next version. so maybe three months.
the ONLY way i can describe how discharge should feel is with music.
imagine THE FALL meets SONIC YOUTH meets COCTEAU TWINS meets SPARKLEHORSE with a constant desire to change and evolve and ther you have it.

as for more of your art like this...YES PLEASE!!

cocaine jesus

12:01 pm  

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