Sunday, February 25, 2007

another dismarmed ally

cuts out his tongue with severed nails
says it will grow back
dripping fingertips
writes the whole world off
in a single shriek
permanent ink over
ploated paperpads
sees the skin over the skull
and the craw inside the jaw
tin hummingbirds crackle
breathe death in breathe out dead
he swears he will never fell a bull
trudges through the viscous red around earless remains

( ( ... meanwhile, everywhere else, metabolisms are being capsized, suspicion arises, sulphur spirals, i call out his name, squiggles in the air, dead girls
incarnate, millions of submission crashcourses forcefed silently, complaining is not part of the tickable options,

and all the witless grubby yuppies toe the line


Blogger Cocaine Jesus said...

haunting image. harrowing words.

3:53 pm  

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