Monday, January 15, 2007

jesus was a songwriter

jesus was a song writer
and a beautiful song it was too
but the band he chose to play it
were off key and out of tune
i don't know why i dislike christianity
quite the way i do
maybe it's their hypocrisy
or the horrid things they do
or maybe it's my childhood
that in my memory floats
the way they took their religion
and shoved it down my throat.
jesus was a song writer
but he needs a better group.

first writen in 1983 and revised for raven who has just inspired us all


Blogger Cocaine Jesus said...

this is NOT an anti-christian post.
it is more anti the OFFICES of christianity and organised religion in general.
most christians, with a few exceptions, are good people but the 'Pope' (the office of and not the individual) is/are a bunch of hypocrits with racist, homophobic and sexist views that they maintain to the cost of jesus and to the detriment of christs followers.

5:46 pm  

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