Wednesday, April 11, 2007

a warm cup of blood

Anyone with a small sharp teeth
reggiseno California,
lost father hydrate dropped from blankets to the neck,
in her mother's arms, pets, clothing, and zirconium.
delicate line.
They are wrong political exiles
political center navigation
legs inconvenience
Sports are enthusiastic understanding.
lucertole Shengjie toadsta lls day Sunday from where
spold rivers, alfalfa, Lycra
cover all from the earth like a bath.
juice, hot glass heart.
But if you play, but no one from Hong Kong,
the distance between notes,
the methodology of a series of strange and the opposite side
is remembered prokajennym grandfather
For all of this appearance godawfulm acdoogs day
hit the city.

original words Cocaine Jesus


Blogger Cocaine Jesus said...

portishead in image and words. truly excellent.
thank you so much.

2:18 pm  

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