Friday, April 13, 2007

some new verities

from the frenzied Therefore, the figures in vain
imagine their own image, her voice joy if he is not me
will be in control of their pain
the smell of blades, mental disorder, she thinks is a waste
in fact, you want to try; I was lucky to imagine that kind of life.
in 1894 to contemplate its last glory, the concern of his madness

the curtain for the treatment of Enkonstanti (bitter supplements)
is an absolutely correct frenetic caution, it is better than nothing!
In the dream, I was surprised
He feared for my heart,
if there was anything else it is very likely that I did not allow you and I am not saying that, in fact, to attempt to trigger posteriora being attached with honors

the thing which is stimulated ¬ it administers justice

Dream road taste, perfume, lamina mental defect, so imagine my reputation


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