Tuesday, April 10, 2007

harley sun set and missile

fifteen men
dressed like Bedouin knights
riding harleys
in the saudi dunes
fifteen men
of the negro persuassion
hunched up
gritty like sand
pumped up pork bellies
beer swilling
indolent marine
macky d cuisine
belches like brimstone
{counting the stars and the dawn light cracking egg yolk sad over dune breast and buttock}
fart face spoke to
arse crack in muted tones
grunts and nods
tones of expletives
a friday night
in hells kitchen new york
noo yawk
neu yark

so good they shouldn't.
listen to the missing beat
that harley heart
throbbing penis
america personified
in metal and throaty
coughs and indulgence
muscle and mouth
like a missile to Baghdad.
like the new wave of war
cold and remote
bloodless and hygienic
sanitized for television.


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