Thursday, April 05, 2007

double caste percepting

such a town of thorns [for dog eat dog eat dog, sic, sic]. she's harpy. he's harpy. we're all harpy. harpy marx. harpy marx e smith. the man whose head disbanded.


Blogger Cocaine Jesus said...

mark e smith, no there is a name. new album is really good by the by. i think that mister peel, bless him, would have approved.

8:12 am  
Blogger emily previn said...

who's the bride??

and why they gettin' married??

just for money??

family's jewels??

nonsense' sake??

i don't know how MES is so successful in his sex life

wanna meet his manager

11:16 am  
Blogger Geddy Lee Helium Voice. said...

Emily - perhaps, re. MES, wit, charisma - of a certain kind, that either appeals or does not appeal? Interestingly, Emily, CJ, Mark E. Smith has been invoked but was not mentioned - squarely, that is - in the picture's blather footer. It was a Marx E. Smith; maybe a more reasonable, Lefist brother. A philogical conflation, a mish-mash... at best. Maybe a typo-born conjure. He's better looking, though not as culturally successful. Where's the justice in that?

3:05 pm  
Blogger Geddy Lee Helium Voice. said...

'Lefist' Leftist, I mean !

3:06 pm  
Blogger emily previn said...


a new kind of wealth, surely..... appeals to me.

i was joking (obviously, i thought).

yeah, but MES is/could be, either of them, or waltzes between them.

as for justice... is cultural success desirable? not sure. question remains open. in what/whose terms? leftist philologist needed.

3:14 pm  
Blogger Geddy Lee Helium Voice. said...

Like the idea of a waltzing Mark E. Smith.

Moot points, yes: cultural success; whose terms. But then - thorny one though it be - we have all benefitted have we not from exposure to one or two culturally-successful people? Personally, I'm as fucked off with and uninterested in the so-called mainstream as the next blogging artist. I pursue nothing there, to boot. But there are good things that bubble up. Similarly thorny ... where does onedraw the line between alterity and the middle-ground? These days, I'm seldom arsed to attempt that move. It is so imploded and contaminated. Purity, or any kind of meaningfully discreet project, is all but impractical, impossible, I feel. I just try to keep it all moral and as meaningful as I can.

2:42 pm  

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