Thursday, March 22, 2007

metonymic device at play

memory decreases due to sediment interval

the overseas star - it discovers a new standard


with him it is bitter now, or we probably are

O Republic, at the end of the compensation plan [or Russian relationship]

Census enter it, but everything else has become the norm to avoid the wrath

… head where the truth is fraud

in order to discover the overseas…..

storage of water


it was underestimated


on the 10th, published, but now in the light of what is external

fraud involving the party's decisions / …but different memories - three-dimensional…

love underwear [the game] to be very slow

the exception of selfishness, which is part of what is expected and the possibility of the edge of our patience and intelligence (lightly), and defends the envy of any weaknesses

has the hallucination where we who now turn off the light…..

generate, and without malice become the planet, after the greeting, but weak.

24-27 November - brink of the sea - one there to protect the soil from behind a veil

on the 10th, published, but now in the light of what is external.

the follow-up plan has weak points, malicious clouds.

words by emily previn & wolf


Blogger Cocaine Jesus said...

this works so well and again that fractured, dislocated sense of word shards splintering, shattering into a new shape, a new feeling.

9:28 pm  

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