Friday, March 30, 2007

i,m [sic]

calibrating, she walks
hulk will smash on t shirt
audits sickbeds at work

a grey wedding later
and as street scene
cobbles her gallows on the moon

and if heidegger gets the girl
and if ponygirl can twirl
then it has to be black
with wheels off the track

[i once said 'why do we wait when we've a heart for the sky?'

i once presaged this with '...agoraphobic twins
confused for our sins
safe-playing big-saying
with just words
nothing begins...']

it got me

we wanted avant garde but got courier

this is in 9/8, with a section in 7/8, and a section in 5/4


Blogger Cocaine Jesus said...

i am now busy deciphering this....
i like it...
but then again i like the way words conjure what we want...

10:23 am  
Blogger Geddy Lee Helium Voice. said...

Robert Plant, fellow helium voicee, once rambled: '...that's the way, that's the way it oughta be, yeah yeah...'. I agree to an extent. Conjuring is good. X seldom equals X in this world. Humanbeings like a bit of stray matter for their grey matter. There are other issues in this soup, I always think. Do you know a cartoon by the abstract painter, Ad Rheinhart (sp?)? ... It depictes a fella in a gallery saying of a typical abstract painting, 'what does that represent, then?'. The painting barks back, 'and what do YOU represent?'. I like that idea. I also like the idea, as expressed in - of all places - Robert Hughes' book, Shock of the New, orwas it another similar coffee-table trawl through art history? - anyway, the idea is of a painter, in this case Richard Diberkon (spelled that incorrectly for sure), who tries to paint everything, furiously cataloguing, and somewhat without emotional involvement and with no personalised narrative involved. In a lot of ways, I trudge the same path. I'm not particularly interested in presentations of myself - in the strict sense, as some are, that being their art, raison d'etre, etc.; that said, all stuff is about self in some way, of course. My array of blog-bogs and slyspaces are not about [insert name], they are just murmurists, murmuring murmuringly, worrying away at the weird world, hollow-laughing at the apocalypse, finding it alt-sexy and strange. It's also about material, I think. A stone carver carves stone - taking the rock away from nature, as it were, and refashioning it, into narrative, inference et al. My favoured material is ideas, philosophy, prog, punk, words, poetry, prose, philology, improv, art history, politics, bdsm, fetishism, sex, comedy. That's the stuff I know about and have facility with. Like the stone-carver, I practice on my material, try new things, have my OCDs and proclivities which I return to over and over.

Nice example: the i,m thing ... I see this weird mispelling a lot these days. A comma instead of an apostrophe. At first, I chuckled. But then it took on a certain aesthetic quality. The use of [sic], as you'll know, is in order to indicate - usually in a quotation - that whatever comes before is as is/was even though it looks wrong! But of course, when said, or said in the head, sic sounds like sick. So there it is! i'm [sic] becomes I'm Sick.

I'm interested, though, CJ, does all this explanation and backstory improve the pieces? Does it add positively to them? Do they feel more accessible, inclusive?

10:51 am  
Blogger Geddy Lee Helium Voice. said...

From the above, I like:


It sent me on a mental spiral, punning and lateralising, making the connection with Tiswas - a fave childhood show, and, in my circle at the time, shorthand for cool, went Swapshop was shorthand for naff. One was ITV, the other BBC. So Is/Was vs...? What can one do to adulterate Swapshop...? ... Swapsop or Sopshop (sop - not a good thing, so criticism infered). Opshop (like Op Art). One-Stop Sopshop. One-Stop Op Shop. One-Stop Celebrity Sopshop. Out it tumbles.

But knowing the anatomy of this - does it help? Does it add to this for you? Just interested.

10:59 am  
Blogger Cocaine Jesus said...

yes is the answer. simply because i like to know and learn about people i like and admire. beefheart for example or mark.e.smith. you don't always like what you learn and very often don't understand but it is still interesting as is your concerns over punctuation. my wife has a book, one you have probably heard of, something about an animal having eaten shoots and leaves. i am pretty hopeless with both spelling and punctuation so i shouldn't comment BUT funnily enough, stephen fry was on jonathan ross awhile back and stragely took the opposite view to mr. ross regarding all this text sending where words get changed 2 av u sen mi shus mum?
maybe, as much as i hope not, stephen fry is right and english will simply change and change again.
but that isn't really what you meant.
he he, me and my tangents.

no, i don't need to know what is behind the images you create to enjoy but yes i do like to know!!??

weird fish, mate, weird fish me.

11:19 am  
Blogger Geddy Lee Helium Voice. said...

Fish function well on bikes, in my view. But they have to be going somewhere meaningful.

Nutshell above. But here's some murmurists blather ...

Stephen Fry I like. He's very clever and a great advert for bipolarity. And he's right - language is organic, and it changes and mutates. Take, let's see, lawnmower. Probably used to be lawn-mower, kind of descriptive: a machine which mows a lawn. In German, I believe, what we call a vaccuum cleaner, more properly vaccuum-cleaner, is just called dustsucker. Much clearer. It sucks dust. Our vaccuum-cleaner is less clear - it hardly cleans vaccuums, rather it cleans via the creation of a vaccuum! So lawnmower gets slanged as mower - exactly because, in being obviously for the lawn, using lawn becomes beside the point, superfluous. We might find text speak irksome, but there are two factors which make it natural and kind of a profound addition to language. Firstly, why type, ie, 'the' when 'd' signifies the same thing? Secondly, text messages are limited by the number of characters; so using less is a good idea. Hence 'I love you too. See you later' at 29 characters including spaces and punctuation, and 'luv u2cu l8r' weighs in at 12. Of course, if one does not know the formalities and inventions, one cannot decode the message. I still don't know what imao means, which I see all the time! Guesstimation (sp?) I like. Chris Morris and Armando Iannucci do some great twisted things with language, revealling meaning in so doing. I love that.

Yeh, fish on bikes, but with destinations.

11:53 am  

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